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MSN:) My darling my love, my beautiful wife. Marrying you screwed up my life :S
GirlsThis day was a total waste of make-up!
Depressingluv is lke quicksand the harder u fall.......the harder it is to get out
GangstaCall me anytime, I won't be home.
CoolHarrasing me about my smoking may be hazardous to your health!
EmoI am emotional hardcore!
MSNDon't do it behind the garden gate love is blind but the neighbours ain't!
Love(L)When you relize how much someone means to you, You never want to let them go(L)
MySpaceChelsea Dagger
FunnyLife's a bitch. Be its pimp!
LoveYour hugs and kisses are like stars you light up my life when things get dark!
ASCII(R)(`._) wt f m th?(`._)(R)
CollegeKnights - Bellarmine College
Sexy(8) You Are The Perfect Drug (8)
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